At very regular intervals, one of us exclaims “I love this house”!!! The response is always the same: “Me, too”!!! What a wonderfully built, well-insulated, storm-protected magnificently beautiful house this is. We really like the quartz/Vetrazzo on the knee walls that you had to talk us into. Of course it’s perfect. We so love the almost imperceptible grout lines in the showers. Just what we wanted. The house has all the right kinds of flooring in all the right places, and it is just such a comfortable house. Thank you so much for the perfect stairs and handrail!!!! You can’t believe how easy to use those are; I appreciate it every time. We love this house just increadably much, and feel so fortunate to get to live here. Bravo. Congratulations all around on a job wonderfully done.


We are delighted with all phases of this project... Matt and his team are stars and we trust them!


Highly professional, yet cheerfully responsive to all our concerns. Today’s Builders is not your typical General Contractor – they are far superior to what you might expect. They are truly an exceptional team, committed to affordable excellence.

The quality of their work and the attention to detail of the subcontractors was extraordinary. They were always polite, conscientious and punctual. It was quite obvious that everyone associated with this company takes great pride in their work and in customer satisfaction. This is a “can do” collection of professionals and no aspect of the job will be left unattended. We were extremely happy with the results.

For us, the entire remodeling experience was smooth, pleasant and gratifying. The billing was straightforward and fair. We would not hesitate to recommend Today’s Builders to anyone considering remodeling.


It is because of you and your integrity that Today’s Builders remains on our very short list of companies that Dick and I rely on.


Bruce makes killer mix CDs at Christmas.


I want to thank Bruce for how kind and attentive he has been to us.


We wanted to thank you for the pleasant and "no surprise" experience in having the additional room & outdoor kitchen built onto our house. The fact that we left the country before the job was complete and came back to a finished project speaks volumes about the care and delivery of all commitments in our absence.

Having had experiences in home construction in the past, we have to say Matt is one of the most reliable and even-tempered project managers we have ever dealt with. Since we have just enough construction experience to be dangerous, Matt handled our questions and requests with tact and patience. We're certain we tested them both!

In closing, the addition looks great, and we have no complaints or requests for follow up. Today's Builders delivered the plan we had agreed upon, and it is indeed appreciated. If we find ourselves considering further projects in the future, be assured you will be first on our call list.

--G & NG

The company we used for our project at Marina Bay is the best I have the pleasure working with in the history of our many projects in Sarasota. Today's Builders came recommended to us by the current Marina Bay president who employed them for his own condo total renovation. There was hardly a day wasted during our project, work was perfectly coordinated, the sub-contractors showed up on time and worked full days. Matt Arsenault was our job supervisor; Bruce Crinkley is his boss with Carolyn manning the office and Keith crunching the numbers. Matt is a diplomat on the job, he is even-tempered, able to diffuse issues with his calm disposition.


After 4 years, I’m very pleased with the quality of our house. While I’ve heard and read many others being initially satisfied, only to find out later that their builder took shortcuts; I’m pleased to say that is not the case with Bruce’s houses. I have repeatedly found things that were done right and have resulted in a better built home, both now and for years to come. I would recommend Bruce to anyone considering a custom home.


Bruce, just wanted to convey to you that when I got back today, Frank took me around and showed me everything and I am very pleased. The bathroom cabinet is perfect and all your guys are here painting and getting the landscape pavers in and it’s shaping up nicely. Frank has helped me greatly and I will always remember that Today’s Builders has done a great job for me here. My wife is going to be elated with what has transpired. Thanks again for pushing to get this wrapped up. You and Frank have taken great care of me and I truly appreciate it. I would recommend you guys to anyone and already have.